Bard has been able to help you find relevant videos. Now… it understands them.

In its most recent update, Google gave its Bard AI chatbot the ability to watch and summarize YouTube videos. This means you can now use Bard to understand more about the contents of the video, ask it to expand on different aspects and even produce a quiz about the video’s contents.

Google has been experimenting with ways to integrate its large language model AI tools into YouTube for the best part of a year. This is part of a wider shift within the company to fully embrace and commercialize its years of artificial intelligence research.

Here’s How it Works

Lets say that we are trying to make company meetings more efficient. They’re starting late, we’re having trouble getting the technology going, and we’re having trouble with follow-up on action items.

We could spend an hour learning some tips from YouTube. Or, we could spend 5 minutes.

First, hop over to YouTube and put in your search. Then, grab a link to a video that looks like it will effectively answer your question.

Once you have that link, drop it into Bard and tell Bard (or ask it politely like I have the habit of doing to make sure I don’t hurt it’s feelings) to summarize the video for you.

Review the bullet points and then feel free to ask Bard any follow up questions, or to recommend additional videos that expand on any of the points where you still need clarification.

Once it makes some recommendations, continue the conversation by asking more questions or to summarize the additional videos.

Now, You’re an Expert! But Let’s Make Sure…

Feeling confident on how to now run an effective meeting and to ensure timely follow-up on action items?

Tell Bard to quiz you on what you just learned to make sure you truly are.

Didn’t pass the quiz? No worries. Just keep the conversation with Bard going to continue learning and exploring new ideas.

This is just one example of the many ways to leverage AI understanding entire YouTube videos.

Give it a try!

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